Friday, April 24, 2009

Old-School and Online? Huh??

My work schedule has remained hectic since last month's update, and my gaming choices have remained consistent with those data. I have completed a few more quests in Oblivion, while another few rare beasts have fallen to my Final Fantasy XII squad. While Sandi's mother was in town last weekend, we fired up her Mass Effect campaign, which left me desirous to dive into another Commander Shepard, in spite of news such as this.

I began fresh explorations of a new world a week or so ago. New is, as is typical for my gaming habits, a highly subjective term, as Wyvern has been around for ages now. I read about it while living in Virginia, in the same sidebar column of Game Informer that led us to the quasi-glory that is the Kingdom of Loathing. The game is definitely not for everyone, as it reminds me of fare like Ultima IV and Gateway to the Savage Frontier. It boldly sticks to the 8-bit conventions of sprites and pixel art, and the game only tangentially acknowledges the existence of mice. However, it has given me a chance to explore something new -- to scratch my insatiable spade itch. Also, I could create a noble rakshasa character, which is outright denied me in most settings. If I find out which way their hands open, I will let you know.

Game well in the days to come, and may you find something new just past the screen edge.